In 1993, the company GALAKSI GROUP was founded to invest in the production of the Central Asia countries. The company’s main business was connected with the production of plastic and aluminum profiles, windows, pipes and fittings. The company confidently conducts its business in the market of Kazakhstan. The head office and production facilities are located in Almaty.

In 1996, the Company imported all the products from other countries: Turkey, Germany, and China. But after that it made a decision to produce all the imported materials here, in Kazakhstan, and changed its strategic plans, investing in the production development in Kazakhstan with the world standards of production quality.

The company has opened a factory for the production of aluminum profiles “Alugal”. The production of high-quality aluminum profiles for construction purposes was the next step towards becoming a domestic producer, and was a serious investment in the country’s economy.

In 2006, the “Galwin” plant was opened and it was a major investment project for the production of plastic profiles for windows adapted to the climate of Kazakhstan.

In 2016, offices in the cities of Dubai (UAE) and Dusseldorf (Germany) were opened.

In 2017, the Company was renamed Sieger WDF.